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Operations Supply Chain Management Internal Networking Webinar 8 Feb 2021 Recap

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On 8th February 2021, BizCare hosted an Operations Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Internal networking Webinar with seniors specializing in OSCM and Dr Chen to share their thoughts and experiences regarding the OSCM Specialization.

Our speakers mainly focused on sharing their internship and field-related experiences, also giving us a glimpse into their background and why they chose an OSCM specialization.

What is OSCM?

  • Science of doing things better
  • To reduce and eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain and increase system profitability.

OSCM is beyond the operations of an individual firm, it is an Integrated network.

Interest and Capability are the two most important aspects of OSCM.

Modules under OSCM!

Essential Electives includes:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Strategy
  • Service Operations

Other electives include:

  • Purchasing and Material Management
  • Sustainable Operations Management
  • Stochastic Models in Management
  • For more modules, you can refer to the BBA website

Career Path

Job scopes in Big Legacy firms,

  • Day to Day operations
  • Strategic Management
  • Familiar with all aspects over the years

Third-Party Logistics, on top of deliveries, they also provide supply chain solution for big legacy firms.

Consulting Firms also provide operations jobs. 

You can easily switch jobs across these 3 types of firms after you gain experience.

Guest Sharing:

Our speaker shared that OSCM specialization has many transferable technical skills!

For example:

  • Process and Resource Optimization
  • Data Analytics
  • Inventory Management
  • Decision Making Coordination and Planning

A tip shared by one of our speakers for those who are planning to are planning to map your OSCM modules overseas is to not choose China universities as they have limited OSCM modules for you to clear.

Double Specialization

Our speaker shared a tip to plan ahead for double specialization especially in BA + Operations because they are quite similar, and you cannot overlap the modules for both sides.

Some good pairing includes:

  • BA + OSCM
  • FIN + OSCM, especially when it comes to procurement jobs


Would scoring worst as compared to other peers in DAO1704 affect the probability of a student being able to choose Operation and Supply Chain Management as their specialization?

  • No need to do well as long as you meet the prerequisite and declare (most important to have interest)

General & Curriculum

  • Try to clear core mods in semester 1, electives would appear in Sem 2, so plan properly! If not, you cannot graduate in time.

Is OSCM Competitive?

  • OSCM class participation is quite friendly
  • Elective modules, especially 4k modules, are not data-centred but more open-ended

What kind of company do you think will be best to get an internship at? (eg: Startup? FMCG?)

  • Start with startups then move towards MNC

What did you consider in looking for an operations / supply chain specific job?

  • Brush up on technical skills as companies are looking to build up on automation.
  • Knowledge in excel should be a bare minimum

Here are the contacts of the speakers from our webinar. Feel free to contact them and drop them any questions you may have regarding the OSCM Specialization or the OSCM in general!

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