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Accounting deals with the recording, reporting and analysis of the financial transactions of a business. Accountants prepare and analyze financial statements, which serve as a useful evaluation of the company’s success or failure. Accountants are the middle-men between business activities and decision-makers. They record data from transactions and translate it into meaningful information that can be useful to users.
Many people think that accounting is a complex business math class. In fact, accounting is not so much about the adding and subtracting of numbers, but about knowing what those numbers mean and being able to apply and communicate these numbers in a way that is beneficial to business organizations
In NUS Business School, students who are in the accountancy course have a fixed set of modules that they have to take. Unlike those in the business course, they cannot choose their modules for their specialisation.

Below are some of the possible career prospects as an Accountancy student (The list is not exhaustible!)

For more information on the specialization of Accountancy: