Our Committee

Austin Khong

Eugene Ng

Vanessa Ching

Events Cell

Liaise, organise and implement events that are either internal based or via collaboration with professional bodies that seek to spread awareness of BizCare and provide avenues for students to be more pro-active in their career planning.

Lim Bo Yeu
Head of Events

Zuo Hao Lin
Head of Events (Corporate Visits)

Zhang Jin Lin
Head of Events (Panel Discussions)

Aaron Yu
Head of Events (Career Fair)

Glennis Ang
Head of Events (Development)

Marcomms Cell

Brainstorm, design and publicize EDM for various events; Develop and manage BizCare’s website and its content; Manage marketing efforts to spread the name of BizCare and promotion of its events to achieve our aims

Cindy Chen
Head of Marcomms

Soh Kai Li
Head of Marcomms (Publicity)

Bria Chee
Head of Marcomms (Strategic Content)

Public Relations Cell

Establish and maintain relations with Bizcare partners within and outside of NUS Business; Support brand awareness of initiatives such as Go(Professional) with BIZAD.

Ng Ian Kiat
Head of Public Relations

Glen Lim
Head of Public Relations (Partnerships)

Head of Public Relations (GoProfessional with BIZAD)