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MNO Internal Networking Webinar 6 October 2020 Recap

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On 6th October 2020, BizCare hosted a Leadership and Human Capital Management (HCM) Internal networking Webinar with a few volunteer panellists from our NUS Human Capital Society (HSC) and seniors specializing in MNO to share their thoughts and experiences regarding the Leadership and Human Capital Management specialization.

The webinar mainly focuses on the insights on the MNO specialization, career prospects and the speakers’ internship experiences.

What is MNO Specialization?

It focuses on the 2 aspects of Leadership and Human Capital Management, which aims to develop you holistically in:

  1. Behavioural Based Competencies – soft skills (negotiation / communications )
  2. HR Functional Competencies – HR processes (talent acquisition / talent development)

MNO Modules

  1. HR Functional Competencies
    1. MNO3701 Human Capital Management – Overview of HR Function
    1. MNO4761C Talent Development and Performing with Impact – Understand the key process of Talent Development
  • Behavioural Based Competencies
    • MNO3702 Negotiation and Conflict Management – Helps equip students with effective negotiation skills in order for them to leverage on different relative values
    • MNO4314 Consulting to Management – focuses on providing students with the skills and opportunity to learn the hard things fast.
      • Through Individual and group projects and presenting them to MNCs.

Double Specialization

It allows you to have a more holistic view of the business.


Which helps you in Employer Branding.

2. Business Analytics

Which helps in analytics within the HR function.

Why our speakers chose MNO?

  • They have a passion for training and developing people
  • They like to engage with people
  • They are People-centric
  • They enjoyed MNO classes

Internships and Experiences

Their internship experiences mainly revolve around these 3 aspects:

Some key learning points that they took away from their internship experience includes :

  • Learning to be flexible and dynamic, especially now, when we are in a pandemic
  • Employer branding starts from within the company
  • To always be reflective and be opened minded

Our speakers encourage those who are interested in the MNO specialization to take up HR internships. As it can help them to experience what HR jobs are really like. What we learn in class is not everything!


  1. Career Prospect other than HR?
    1. Consulting
    1. Business Development / Compliance
  • What advantage will HR specialization give me as compared to others?
    • A deeper understanding of HR as a function
    • Make the learning curve not as steep
  • What are some skills I need to be competent in this specialization?
    • A plus if you are able to pick up things fast
  • What are some recommended MNO Modules?
    • Talent Development: Walks you through the whole process from the identification to the development of talents.
    • Consulting to Management: For people who want to push themselves and learn a lot.
  • How much conceptual knowledge is there relative to technical knowledge in the MNO module?
    • More modules to help you develop more conceptual knowledge / behavioural competencies
    • Can still learn a lot on MNO technical skills when you take up modules like Employee Relation (HR knowledge-based), Human Capital Management, Talent Development.

Here is a video montage of the summary of the webinar:

Part 1: Introduction and Personal Experiences

Part 2: Q&A

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