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Business Analytics Internal Networking Webinar 8 Sept 2020 Recap

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Hey Bizaders, have you ever wondered what Business Analytics (BA) is all about?

On the 8th of September, we’ve invited Eric Tang (MSc Management studies, NUS Business), Betram Lee (Y4 Business Analytics , Operations & Supply Chain), Lim Ting Hui (Y4 DDP in BBA and Biomedical Engineering), Bryan Moh (Y3 Business Analytics, Finance) and Onn Wei Sin (DDP in BAC and Computer Science) over to give us an overview of what Business Analytics specialization is all about!

The webinar covered the main area of BA, its curriculum and potential internships and career paths for BA.

Here’s a brief summary of what they talked about.

BA is a joint Discipline between NUS Business School and NUS Computing

A career in BA is a versatile one!

Good career outlook

Due to Singapore smart nation initiative and more data centers opening in Singapore there is a demand spike for jobs dealing with data.

BA competency is something everyone should have!

Did you know: Most jobs out there require some sort of knowledge of analytical skills.

Importance of BA

It is not just about Artificale Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) but more about gaining insights on how to improve and how you can use data to impact society

Some interesting questions we received:


What is the difference between Computing vs Business BA?

The main difference is the level of understanding.

A Business student knows how to make use of the available programs, has a better understanding of business. They also can present their ideas, suggestions, solutions better.

While a Computing student has a deeper understanding of how each program world, with better technical skills like programming and writing scripts. They have a better level of understanding of mathematical concepts.

What does it take to do BA?

The workload is ….

    1. Manageable until Level 3000 modules where they do get heavy and intensive
    2. The key is to practice! Practice makes perfect!
    3. Expect to sit in front of computer for prolonged period of time to find out what’s wrong with the data


Do I need to know any programming language?

You can start without knowledge as your professors will help you to dilute so that it is easier for you to understand. But you should be comfortable with numbers. It also helps to have some understanding of statistics and maths concepts

Do I need to be data sensitive and technically skilled?

You don’t have to be, though it is good to have. Interest is KEY! But you should be detail oriented.

To find out more information about BA you can visit our specialization page

We hope to see you at our next event!

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