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NUS Career Sharing Session, ‘How to Clinch your first Internship’, 17 March 2021, Session 2 Recap

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On the 17th of March, we hosted a Career Sharing Session, ‘How to clinch your first internship’.

During the second session, we had Calvyn Tng from ezsy, Jerry Wee from Lazada and Mandon Lee from The Smart Local as our guest speakers.

What do you look out for in your interns?


We look out for interns that can live up to expectations. They should have a good attitude and aptitude to learn. They should be willing to open themselves to a completely new world.


Adding on to Jerry, interns should ask themselves:

  • How do I make this internship a meaningful one?
  • How can I add value to the company?


Adding on, we look for interns with a can-do attitude, so don’t say that you cannot but instead say how can I do it?

How can an intern stand out?


Interns should do their due diligence and research on the company before the interview. We look for people with passion and those who wants to improve on themselves constantly. Be able to communicate well!


A good Cover letter. How can you have your own voice? Also, good standards, do we see a chance that we can work with you?

They should be comfortable with people and there should not be any power dynamics.

Show humility and be confident about yourself.


Try to sell and share the benefits of hiring you as an intern. You should put in efforts but it must be backed up by abilities.

Advice for students for their first internship:


Don’t be afraid. Be hungry and have an adventurous attitude. Challenge yourself. You will never gain anything if you don’t try.


Networking is very important. Make the best you can. Never underestimate yourself. Ask yourself before picking a company:

  • What is it about the company that I chose over the rest?


Do a lot of Networking as it is important. As you know more people, your worldview changes. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Always ask yourself, how can I add value?

You can contact Calvyn at,

For those who are interested in interning with The Smart Local you can reach them at

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