YWC Bazaar is the first event held by the Internal Cell for the Academic Year and is organized in tandem with the YWC Survey. The YWC Survey is conducted at the start of the incoming Bizad Club Management Committee’s term to gather opinions and feedback from the student body with regard to academics, welfare, student life, etc. Questions are compiled from the respective VPs and directors. In order to encourage students to complete the survey, as well as to provide a platform for students to interact with one another and receive some welfare goodies, YWC Bazaar is held on 2 days and has a mixture of stalls and activities conducted by the various directors in Internal Cell, External Cell as well as the Student Life Cell. This also enables us to add diversity to the school and gain publicity for the respective committees.


This year, YWC Survey was conducted from 30th September 2019 to 9th October 2019 and the YWC Bazaar was held on 8th October 2019 to 9th October 2019. Some internal booths we included were: information booth for Community Engagement Committee, games booth by Sport Committee, Bizad to the Movies booth by Welfare Committee, Business Merchandize booth by Business Development Committee, and Goodie Bag + Bizad Foolscap Pad Giveaway booth by Resources Committee. External Booths include Ice-cream cart booth (paid for using Internal Cell budget) and promotion booth for one of our sponsors for the event – Treatsures.


The Pulse (student lounge) and the benches outside the Bizad Club Room were used for this event. The Pulse was the redemption point for the freebies which survey respondents were entitled to (this included a mystery gift – Bizad Foolscap Pad and/or vouchers, ice cream, and the opportunity to win a range of prizes at the games booth), while the benches were used for the booths as mentioned above.


Overall, the event turnout rate was poor as only about 300 freebies were collected while about 420 surveys were completed. This is in comparison to previous years where the number of surveys completed is usually around 500+, including 2018 which had about 600 completed surveys. Some reasons we felt could be possible were: usage of less-known location of The Pulse (as some are unaware of its existence/how to get to the lounge), insufficient publicity material and creating hype prior to event, general lack of interest by the student populace of this batch of students (also seen in lack of participants in Rag 2019), freebies were not attractive enough, survey was too long, lack of booths as other cells had booths in past years which promoted vibrancy and hype, lack of human traffic as canteen beside the benches was closed for renovation. Some other things to consider apart from the aforementioned are the choice of event days depending on when business school is most crowded, choice of timings should allow students to come for event during their breaks between lessons, availability of manpower from internal cell depending on everyone’s lesson schedules, ensuring all items (freebies, Bizad to the Movies tickets, Biz Merchandize, etc) are stocked up.

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