For enquires about the loaning of equipment or the deposition/withdrawal of supplies, please contact the committee via Telegram @BizadResources.

The Pulse (Business Undergraduate Lounge)

NUS Business School undergraduates may enter The Pulse using their matriculation card without prior booking except during the instances that it is closed as stated in the Operating Hours or the calendar.

Operating Hours

Weekdays: 9am to 7pm
Weekends: Closed
The Pulse may be closed for Bizad Club events. Please check the following calendar prior to your visit.
The calendar will be accurate for the days that are within 1 week of today.

Location: BIZ 2 5-16.

Directions to The Pulse from the Bizad Club Room:

Terms of use of The Pulse:

  1. Students are not allowed to stay overnight in The Pulse or beyond the operating hours of 9am to 7pm on weekdays.
  2. The last individual in the lounge must switch off the lights prior to leaving.
  3. Air-conditioning and lights in the Discussion Room (sub room with the glass door) must be switched off after use.
  4. Tampering with any other air conditioning settings is strictly prohibited.
  5. Cleanliness in The Pulse must be maintained at all times.
  6. Leftover drinks and food containers must be cleared and properly disposed of in the trash bins outside of The Pulse to prevent further occurrences of pest infestation.
  7. Report any food / drink spillages or maintenance issues immediately to @BizadResources.
  8. Furniture moved during the session must be placed back to its original position.
  9. Signs and furniture must not be vandalised / tampered with.
  10. The removal of any items that are not explicitly labelled for distribution to the student body will be considered as theft.
  11. Access to the Interactive Room (5-16A, a sub room in The Pulse) is strictly prohibited.
  12. Whiteboards must be cleaned after usage.
  13. Use of paint / glue / permanent markers / cooking equipment is strictly prohibited.
  14. Any other terms of use which may not be listed here but required by the University regarding the proper use of campus premises must be fully complied with.