NUS Business Camp (NBC) 2016 Sign-UpNUS Business Camp (NBC) 2016 | Legacy

NUS Business Camp (NBC) 2016 Sign-Up

Be part of the best camp in NUS today!

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NUS Business Camp (NBC) 2016 | Legacy

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RAG Exposure Day 2016 Sign Up

NUS Business RAG Camp – The largest and most happening of NUS Business School’s Freshmen Orientation Projects. During the course...

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NUS Business Camp (NBC) 2016 Sign-Up

Calling all NUS Business freshies-to-be!! Want to be part of the most exciting camp in NUS? Cause here’s what you’ve...


Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway AY 2015/2016 Semester 2 Photos

Last week, our Welfare Committee gave away our amazing Exam Welfare Pack (EWP) to Bizaders to encourage them to tide...


Bizad Charity Run Main Committee Recruitment

Hey Bizaders! Recruitment for Main Committee Positions of Bizad Charity Run is now open! Relishing a chance to work with...


Games Day

Attention all Bizaders! Fun and novel board games such as Resistance, Exploding Kittens, Coup and more will be made available...


Semester 2 Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway 2016

Hey Bizaders! Brought to you by the 29th Welfare Committee, the Exam Welfare Pack is back again, to help you...

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