Sales of tickets

At any time, the booth had about 3-4 people tending it. Crowd came at relatively manageable numbers. Payment was made via cash or paylah to one account of one member from the welfare comm to prevent multiple transactions having to take place. We managed to sell all 180 tickets within the 2 days. 90 tickets were sold on each day. 


Actual movie day 

Crowd came around the same time 7pm and was surprisingly organised. Crowd managed themselves and queued orderly. There was not much to manage outside the cinema. Meanwhile when we managed the crowd inside the cinema, since there were 3 booked theatres, we wanted to make sure each theatre was fully filled before opening the others. However, since we did indicate first come first serve during the sales of BTTM tickets, we eventually realised that only the back seats were filled in each cinema and no one wanted to fill the front seats. Hence, we opened up the other cinemas too and in time, all seats were filled before the movie started! 


Once the movie ended, the crowd exited the cinema smoothly. There was no congestion etc. 


Overall, there were no major hiccups and BTTM was a success.


NUS Bizad Club

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