With the support from GoodLife! Makan, Bizaders had the opportunity to interact with the seniors at the Marine Parade community. GoodLife! Makan is an innovative community kitchen for stay alone seniors, providing them with a space to not only prepare, cook and share their meals with one another, but also a space for conversations, learning and companionship.


It was a unique opportunity as Bizaders, with the guidance of some of the seniors, had the opportunity to whip up a meal (more specifically, laksa) for all the elderly and volunteers. During the process, the volunteers managed to pick up some cooking tips from the seniors. The laska that the volunteers prepared received many praises from the participants and some of them took a second serving! The rest of the volunteers were paired up with other seniors and engaged in exciting activities like Rummy-o, Scrabble, discussing the news or just simply chatting. The spirits were high and all the participants were engaged.


To keep the seniors active, Bizaders guided them in a simple dance and exercise. It was heartwarming to see the strong bonds formed between the volunteers and seniors through the series of activities conducted, and it was definitely an enriching day as fun and laughter were shared among the participants. 


NUS Bizad Community Engagement committee would like to thank GoodLife! Makan for their generous and spontaneous support and this event would definitely not have been a success without them. It would certainly be our pleasure to organise more events with them.