On 12 and 19 December 2019, Bizaders had the opportunity to volunteer at Animal Lovers League (ALL), where they had first-hand experience in caring for the animals. It was a unique opportunity since it was the first time Bizaders were given the opportunity to volunteer at an animal shelter.

Upon reaching the shelter, Bizaders were greeted by friendly barks and excited tail wagging. A tour around the place was given, where they were introduced to the dogs they were going to interact with. With the guidance of the friendly and patient trainers at ALL, they walked and bathed the dogs, showering them with love.  Thereafter, they had the opportunity to interact with the cats, where they learnt how to properly care for them. It was a new experience for some Bizaders who mentioned it was their first time being in such close proximity with cats. They also took up tasks such as washing their kennels and changing their litter boxes, providing the animals with a more comfortable environment to live in.

The event was a success as Bizaders gained new knowledge and skills in caring for these animals. It was definitely a fulfilling experience for them, who brightened the animals’ day with love and care! Certainly, this would not have happened without the support from ALL. As a token of appreciation, NUS Bizad Club Community Engagement Committee sent them a hamper consisting of daily pet necessities.