The Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) Family Engagement Day 2019 was held on 6th December 2019 to provide Bizaders with the opportunity to join families of SCS on a fun day out.


For the event, NUS Bizad Club Community Engagement Committee worked together with SCS in coming up with activity ideas and the sourcing of volunteers. In exchange, SCS sponsored the event with payment for the activities and meals.


Bizaders spent a day together with the families at Sentosa, experiencing many exciting and enriching activities together. With each Bizader paired to a family, they explored Sentosa’s Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, where they got to learn about the types and characteristics of butterflies, get up close and personal with them, and even bathe iguanas. Each family got to make their own butterfly wing bookmarks to keep as a memento of the day. After the jam-packed day of activities, Bizaders ended the day with a good meal together with the families.


Overall, it was a meaningful day for the Bizaders as many of them got to experience many novel activities with the families and create lasting memories. We wish to thank every volunteer for participating in this event and hope that they will continue to support future events.