Leading the Post-Finals Life – a 7 step guide

Let’s be honest – you definitely do not need a guide to teach you how to have fun but it does help to have some suggestions on how best to maximize your time in the next 4 weeks. If you are lost with too many options on how best to spend your holidays, browse through this list and see what works for you!

1.Archery/Laser Tag

You could go on and play laser tag but why not be cooler? Perfect for that OG reunion, get your friends together for a bow and arrow version of Laser Tag at ArcheryBattleSingapore. Prices start at $35/pax for a game session that spans an hour – you need at least 10 people to start though. The prices may be bit steep but it is well worth the while.

Price: $350 for 1 hour Casual Fun Game with 10 pax (includes basic coaching and protective gear)


2.Escape Rooms

Another event perfect for big groups; why not try heading over to Escape Hunt with your friends? This is better for smaller groups – the $25 coupon you get from our Bizad Exam Welfare Packs now come in handy. It can get a little bit intense – I remember being called for one event where I was expected to recall some ‘O’ level Physics concepts but yes, locking yourself up in a room with your friends can be fun – it’s 2015! Prices start at $76 a room for 2 pax, and the price per pax becomes lower with more participants, so do grab more of your friends to join you in your escape. The more brains, the better!

Price: Starts from $76/room for 2 participants



3.Get a Scenic View

Drop off the Downtown MRT line and head over to enjoy the Christmas cheer all around. Gardens by the Bay promises a stellar set up of beautiful Christmas lights, perfect to enjoy with your significant other. Or you could try walking down the Orchard city lights with your friends, do some casual window shopping and take in all the festive cheer all around. This leads to the next suggestion…

Price: FREE!





Missed out on Black Friday because you were mugging for your exams? Don’t worry, I can relate myself – one of the many amazing things about Christmas is when people commercialize holidays to make an excuse for a sale. Whether it’s TopMan, Sephora or Marks and Spencers’, there is something waiting for you to buy this December break. If you can wait, try waiting to shop post-Christmas, that is, when stores try to clear their retail stock and start to slash prices. Or simply go shopping every week!

5.Weekday Promotions


One of the last things we can ever do as a student is to be out before 5pm and cash in on all the good weekday promotions. You just have to scour around the Internet to find them yourself! The Korean BBQ buffet at SOTA, I’M KIM, is a great recommendation –  its current promotion for students is $11.99++/pax for a weekday lunch. And when you are done, why not head over to KOKOMAMA, which is right beside I’M KIM, to enjoy their delicious Korean Bingsu for only $8.90. Ah, the joys of being a student!

Facebook Page: I’M KIM, KOKOMAMA


6.Netflix and Nua

giphy (2)


Yes Netflix only comes in 2016 BUT who says you can’t bring Netflix to you? You are going to need to recharge and take in your mandatory 16 hours of stoning, so take the chance to invite your old friends over to your place for a movieathon session. The Star Wars movie is coming up soon and it would not hurt to have a mass movieathon for a re-call session. If you find that sci-fi is too square for you, what is stopping you from blasting chick flicks all night long?



giphy (3)


Just kidding, but do remember to mark 22nd December on your calendar! That is when our grades come out and regardless of whether you are planning for a celebration or mourning session. For our Year 1s, do remember to not procrastinate this on the list, for the Year 1 S/U Exercise is only open for a very short window period of approximately 3 days so it’s best to mark this date on the calendar. Best of luck and may the bell curve god be with you.