Yes We Care Bazaar 2016

Just last week, on the 5th and 6th of October, we hosted our very own Yes, We Care (YWC) Bazaar, and it was nothing short of amazing! The club would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who took time to complete the Yes, We Care survey as well as came down to support the bazaar. It was truly heartening to see crowds of people enjoying themselves at our various booths in spite of everyone’s busy schedules. We hope all of you had a blast!

Thank you for taking the time and effort14560003_1305298176170252_1745559059300579605_o to fill in the YWC survey. Yes, we do care about each and every one of you! We appreciate your honest feedback, and will most definitely take everything into consideration and work hard to better ourselves so as to ensure that the Bizad community receives nothing but the best.

14379670_1305298589503544_560142405670841583_oAs a token of our appreciation, upon completion of the survey, Bizaders were given a choice between receiving an ice cream cookie or a foolscap pad. We hope the foolscap pad helps you advance towards the coveted CAP 5.0, and that the scrumptious ice cream cookies satisfied all your cravings for sweets! After all, who doesn’t love a cool treat on a hot, sunny day? If you enjoyed these treats, stay tuned, for we have more treats and events lined up for you!

If you have unfortunately missed out on the bazaar, or want to relive the happenings at the myriad of booths all over again, fret not: here’s a refresher to bring back good memories!


Welfare Booth


Yes, the long-awaited Bizad to the Movies (BTTM) event is back again! This year, the Welfare Committee set up a booth at the bazaar to facilitate ticket sales for BTTM, and their hard work did not go unappreciated. The booth received high praise and admiration for its aesthetics this year, and the appealing decorations attracted a lot more attention from curious passers-by, which culminated in more ticket sales.

If you have not gotten your tickets for BTTM, well, what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and get your tickets now at The lucky first 150 Bizaders to reach Golden Village will receive a free popcorn combo, so do come early if you want to enjoy chowing down on a bag of delicious popcorn. See you there!

Resources Booth


A picture speaks a thousand words. Indeed, an instant digitally printed photo would be the perfect memorabilia to take home from the YWC bazaar!

A big thank you to everyone who visited the Photo Booth at the YWC bazaar; you helped make the booth such a huge success! Whenever you feel stressed out from academic demands, we hope that the memories captured in these photographs will serve as a beacon of light and source of encouragement. Every time you look at the photos, allow yourself to fondly recall the memories shared with your friends and keep these memories close to your heart for a long time to come!

The Resources Committee is glad to have been able to be part of your experience at the Yes, We Care Bazaar, and everything would not have been possible without the support of each and every one of you! If you love free gifts as much as we do (really, who doesn’t?), there will be many more exciting events coming your way, such as the Study Session @ the Pulse and the Exam Welfare Pack giveaway, so do keep a lookout for more events organised just for you!

BizDev Booth


Bizaders, did you enjoy the wide variety of Bizad merchandise available for you to purchase? We are happy to announce that the BizDev booth was a huge success, all thanks to your support! Due to overwhelming demand, we are unfortunately out of stock for several sizes, but fret not, for there is more to come. The next time you happen to chance upon Bizad merchandise on sale, do not hesitate; act fast and snap at the opportunity to make a purchase before you miss out on the fast-selling merchandise that everyone seems to love!

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always being so appreciative of our Bizad merchandise. Do keep a lookout more updates coming your way!

Community Engagement Booth


The NUS Bizad Community Engagement (CE) is a newly inaugurated committee this year, and we were pleasantly surprised by the welcoming responses of the student body over the two days of the YWC bazaar. We are glad to share that our booth was well-received, with a whooping 87 sign ups for our mailing list and a huge expression of interest in our future initiatives. We are also glad that all of you were able to enjoy a delectable serving of popcorn lovingly prepared by us!

We were very heartened to hear Bizaders express interest in the various social causes highlighted during the bazaar and know of your willingness to volunteer for such causes. Let us all upkeep this spirit of generosity, and don’t forget to partake in the many events organised by CE in the near future!

Bizad Charity Run Booth


NUS Bizad Charity Run’s booth at the YWC bazaar was a hip and happening affair. An overwhelming number of Bizaders came down to sign up for the run, learn more about BCR’s causes and, of course, grab free cotton candy! (After all, who can resist free cotton candy?)

It is always heartwarming to see the Bizad community rallying around each other to support the numerous upcoming events and initiatives planned out for them. What better way to support a meaningful cause while having a blast with your friends, than signing up for the Bizad Charity Run? If you have not indicated interest in the run, spare no time and sign up today! Otherwise, you might have a hard time suffering from the dreaded fear of missing out (FOMO)… Yikes!

BizCare Booth


NUS Business Career Development’s (BizCare) booth at the bazaar was a fulfilling one. It was so heartening to see so many Bizaders show enthusiasm and interest in the purpose of the newly founded BizCare as well as the various events lined up for Bizaders. Here at BizCare, we would like to extend our sincere thanks for your utmost support! Why BizCare, you ask? It’s simple: we care for your career! Stay tuned for more updates from BizCare!

That’s all we have for the booths present at the YWC bazaar. Once again, thank you all for your support and we hope you had a fantastic time at the bazaar! Take care and stay tuned for more exciting events coming your way!

NUS Bizad Club
NUS Bizad Club

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