About O’Week

O’Week is the largest Freshman Orientation Programme across NUS. The highly anticipated camp promotes bonding among NUS Business freshmen and instils the O’week spirit. Through 4 days and 2 nights of fun-filled activities, the camp serves as a platform for freshmen to forge lasting relationships and better assimilate into the environment as students at NUS Business School.

Freshmen will be split into 6 different clans: Mahuika, Venus, Izanami, Odin, Hades, and Horus. The clans will be further broken down into smaller Orientation Groups (OGs) where you will meet your peers!

Question: How will I know if my sign-up for the O’week camp is successful?

As much as possible, we hope to include everyone who signs up for O’Week. However, in the event of an overwhelming number of signups, we will be using the Priority Points System to facilitate the process!

Your friendly OGLs will reach out to you upon successful signups!

Question: Can I choose my O’week group mates? How are OGs organised?

Due to limited slots available for freshmen annually, it is essential that we formulate various criteria to ensure we have a diverse and inclusive group of freshmen. Thus, we will be using a Priority Points System to ensure that O’Week is not only inclusive but also fair and transparent in its awarding of availability to the applying freshmen. Participants will be randomly allocated to their OGs.

Question: What will be included in the orientation pack, and how much will it cost?

Attendees of camp will be required to pay a camp ticket fee. They will receive a camp shirt and many more fun items (like a cute tote bag & laptop stickers!). Look out for more details regarding the exact cost and payment process in the signup form link.

Question: When and how can I sign up for O’week?

Follow @nusbusinessoweek on Instagram for the latest updates! Stay tuned for more information about the sign-ups on our Instagram @nusbizadclub & @bizad.fop.

Event Details:

Camp: 24 – 27 July 2023