About Jam ‘N’ Hop

Jam ‘N’ Hop (JNH) is an annual pageant held with 16 contestants and ends with the crowning of the ‘Biz King’ and ‘Biz Queen’. It is also the last Freshman Orientation Project (FOP) of the five in NUS Business School that serves as a curtain closer to welcoming the start of the school semester.

Jam ‘N’ Hop is the orientation programme that celebrates the end of all the FOPs, the perfect curtain closer to the orientation season that unites everyone working towards the Bizad FOPs. All friends and family are welcome to join us on our grand finale to support our students! 

Question: How do I sign up for JNH?

Simply follow @nusbizadclub and @bizad.fop on Instagram and look out for JNH’s sign-up form on @bizad.fop’s post. After the submission of forms, we will contact you shortly for an interview.

Question: What are JNH’s eligibility criteria?

We are looking for confident individuals who are willing to step out of their comfort zone to come on board with us. Aside from the glitz and glamour JNH beholds, we ultimately wish to offer a platform for self-expression and an opportunity for freshmen to showcase their hard work and talent to NUS Business School.

Question: What is the commitment like for Jam ‘N’ Hop?

Jam ‘N’ Hop will be ongoing from mid-June until the first week of the semester. Shortlisting of candidates will begin once university orientation camps start. Auditions will follow after NUS Business Camp, where the majority of our contestants are shortlisted.

If you are concerned about participating during the academic term, fret not, as most of the training and activities will be held before the school term starts!

Question: What will the training be like?

For JNH, there will be five main components:

Individual Formal Segment
This formal segment introduces our female and male contestants, who will walk individually and pose on stage wearing their gowns and suits.

Couple Formal Catwalk Segment
In this segment, each couple is introduced and will walk and pose on stage in complementing apparel.

Physique Segment
Two different groups of contestants will do the physique segment, split into M1F1 to M4F4 and M5F5 to M8F8. Each group of 8 contestants will perform a skit while incorporating the physique segment into their performances.

Couple Skits Segment
The couple skit segment seeks to showcase and highlight the couples, allowing them to show their unique personalities through their individual skits. Skits could come in the form of a play, dance or in the form of a musical.

Dance Segment
During training, our male and female contestants will be split up and taught a dance within their respective gender. This segment aims to allow freshmen to bond through dance practices and portray the uplifting side of the contestants through this dynamic showcase.

Combined End Dance Segment
In the combined dance segment, unity is key, and we seek to give the contestants a sense of belonging where everyone has a part to play in this show as one Biz family.

Event Details:

Jam ‘N’ Hop Showday: 18th August 2023