About RAG 2021

RAG (Receiving and Giving) Day is a day dedicated for different faculties and halls across NUS to showcase extravagant dance performances with intricate floats structures. Through these performances, we wish to express our gratitude towards sponsors and the public for making generous donations towards the various beneficiaries during Flag Day.

Here at Business School, RAG has always aimed to welcome our freshmen into the Bizad family and unite them under one Bizad spirit. In preparation for our RAG day performance, Business RAG allows all to forge meaningful friendships throughout the 6 weeks of hard work and dedication. The spirit of B’RAG is a unique one as it upholds, the culture of pride, excellence and family. Of course, do look forward to plenty of welfare, exciting events and a whole lot of fun!


Question: What is so unique about Business RAG?

First, as Biz RAGers, we are proud to say that we have achieved RAG Gold for 17 consecutive years.

We also take pride and joy in our BIZRag culture that is alive in our dynamic dances and cheer performances. Behind the scenes of these glitzy performances, it is the hard work involved and friendships forged that we hold close to our hearts.

Join us during RAG and Flag exposure day and Pre-Rag to have a deeper understanding of what RAG is about. Do follow @bizad.fop or @nusbizadclub for more information about RAG too.


Event Details:

Rag and Flag Exposure Day: 15 June 2021

Pre-RAG: 21 – 25 June 2021

RAGathon (Preparation): 28 June – 31 July 2021

Rag & Flag Day: 7 August 2021