About Jam ‘N’ Hop 2021

Jam ‘N’ Hop is an annual pageant held with 16 contestants and ends with the crowning of the ‘Biz King’ and ‘Biz Queen’. It is also the last Freshman Orientation Project (FOP) of the five in NUS Business School, as it serves as a curtain closer to welcome the start of the school semester.

Jam ‘N’ Hop finale warmly welcomes all NUS students, staff and even extends its opening to the public to attend as audience of our Pageant show. The grand finale will showcase creative works including dance, skit and definitely the most exciting segment – our various catwalks.


Question: How do I sign up for JNH?

Simply follow @nusbizadclub and @bizad.fop on Instagram and look out for JNH’s sign up form on @bizad.fop’s post. Do fill up a short form for us to collect your particulars. Thereafter, we will contact you shortly for an interview.

Question: What is JNH’s eligibility criteria?

We are looking for confident individuals who are willing to step out of their comfort zone to come on board with us. Aside from the glitz and glamour JNH beholds, we ultimately wish to offer a platform for self-expression and an opportunity for freshmen to showcase their hard work and talent to NUS Business School.

Question: What is the commitment like for JNH and when will it be held?

JNH is an ongoing event which will run its publicity works from Semester 1. The nomination process begins on the 4th week of the school semester while the interview process and shortlisting of JNH Pageantees will start mid-semester.

If you are concerned that participating in JNH during the academic term may be too hectic, fret not, as the main bulk of trainings only begin after finals and last throughout the winter break season!

JNH is known as the orientation programme which celebrates the end of all FOPs, and is the perfect closing curtain to the orientation season. Look out for JNH’s glamourous finale night which is set to happen in January!


Event Details:

TBC (In light of the COVID-19 situation, more details will be released through our social media platforms).