Chinese New Year Bazaar 2018

Can you peel, and devour an entire orange in 13 seconds or less? Because one Bizader, Eugene, topped the charts and walked away champion at our mandarin orange peeling competition. This was only one game held at our annual Chinese New Year bazaar, which fell on 7th and 8th this January. And yes – happy Chinese New Year!

Other activities included Chinese calligraphy and lantern-making booths – we hope you got a chance to channel your inner #sophistication! This year, prizes were taken up a notch – these ranged from hampers worth a whopping $188, Waacow vouchers, KOI cards, to a whole box of mandarin oranges. Huat ah (to prosper and reap) indeed!

Oh, Chinese zodiac forecast posters were also held up – but we hope you don’t let any negative fortune get you down! After all, it’s 狗(gou)-ing to be a wonderful year ahead 😉

NUS Bizad Club
NUS Bizad Club

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