The NUS Students’ Business Club, commonly known as the Bizad Club, is a constituent club under NUSSU. It forms the core student body representing all undergraduates pursuing the BBA and BAC degree in NUS Business School.


The current Bizad Club is a merger of Bizad Club and Bizad Society in 1999. Since our formation, the club has been organising various events and activities to promote student initiatives, create vibrancy in NUS Business School, and take care of the welfare of fellow business students. We aim to foster lasting bonds and facilitate communication flow between BBA students, the BBA Office and other external parties.


The Bizad Club logo represents Bizad’s creativity and vibrancy. It symbolises the dynamism of the unique Bizad Fighting Spirit. The Torch stands for the source of knowledge. The Saw-edged Wheel stands for the wheel of progress. The Lion Head signifies the Club being part of the University. The Emblem as a whole refers to the dynamism of the NUS Business School.


You may view the Bizad Club constitution here.