Sem 1 Exam Welfare Pack Giveaway 2016

On the 2nd and 3rd Nov, our very own Welfare Committee distributed the long-awaited exam welfare pack (EWP) to Bizaders. We hope that the EWP will help you fuel up for the final lap of the semester!

This year, many complimented the iconic drawstring bag for its simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing design. The bag had a monochrome color scheme, while a beautiful floral wreath formed a frame around the words ‘NUS Business School’. The bag was filled up the brim with many must-haves (as pictured below): scrumptious snacks for that sugar hit or supper cravings during long ‘mugging’ nights, beauty supplies to remedy stress-induced breakouts, multiple guidebooks for your perusal, and many other miscellaneous goodies! It is no wonder why many Bizaders were pictured beaming from ear to ear after collecting their EWPs!


The EWP giveaway was tied in with Halloween festivities this semester, with the Pulse decked out with Halloween-themed decorations (not for the weak-hearted!). Bizad Club members who helped to distribute the EWPs contributed to the blood-chilling atmosphere by using body paint and costumes to realistically imitate gory creatures that come straight from the depths of our worst nightmares. Many students were also very spontaneous, and came dressed in their best spooky outfits to fit the theme, which made for a very novel sight, much to our delight (and shock!). Thank you all for being so sporting, and we hope you had as much fun as we did!



Once again, the EWP giveaway was very well-received and we would like to thank all of you for your support! The Welfare Committee will continue to improve on our EWP giveaway in the future, and ultimately strive to provide better welfare for Bizaders. On behalf of NUS Bizad Club, we would also like to wish all of you good luck for your finals! Press on everybody, for there is nothing quite like the sweet taste of satisfaction from reaping the fruits of your labour after giving your all for the final examinations.


NUS Bizad Club
NUS Bizad Club

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