NBC OGL Recruitment

Dozing off in your first lesson of the semester and can’t wait for the next holiday already?

THE WAIT IS OVER! The chance is here to experience the most anticipated blockbuster camp this coming summer!

OGL Recruitment for NUS Business Camp is now open! Sign up at tinyurl.com/nbcoglffsignup and will be open from now until 20th January 2359. Check out our full video at Bizad Club’s Facebook page or at Youtube tinyurl.com/nbcoglvid. For more information, contact Yongkai at 9474 3533, Weihao at 8511 3939, Sean at 9118 8378 or Nicholas at 9367 1021.

Bring your A game to Audax and we’ll see you there!

NUS Bizad Club
NUS Bizad Club

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