For more information on the above Residential College programmes, do look at the pages below:

University Town College Programme (UTCP) – Tembusu College, CAPT and RC4

Ridge View Residential College (RVRC)

University Scholars Programme (USP)


There are a number of DDPs and the links will direct you to the page where you can find the programme requirements:

Language Preparation Programme (LPP)

The Language Preparation Programme (LPP) is a structured programme in which selected students are given priority in learning French, German or Korean through classes conducted by NUS’ Centre for Language Studies (CLS). The LPP is only open to first year students in NUS. Students are required to complete all 4 required language modules in accordance to the programme requirement in NUS before embarking on their SEP. Students can continue to learn the language during their SEP stint in their partner university.