Andrea Di Benedetto & Edoardo Bubani Cremonese, Bocconi University (Italy)

If you’re going to have exchange in Italy, you can consider our school as there are a few exchange students from Singapore in our school. We are in Business Management. However, its slightly different as compared to NUS. Once we enter the school, we will choose what we would like to study – finance, management, economics – straightaway. Our school is more known for management and finance. Our lessons are like lecture and tutorial style. Not a lot of group projects , like 4 to 5 projects over the span of 3 years in our degree.  In our school, we also have many different associations similar to the student interest groups here. We also have an art gallery. In our school, we have a platform, Job Gate, to post up internship opportunities. We also have career services there as well which organise different activities such as networking.

There is a lot of things you can do with your friends in Milan. You can visit the city centre. You can try the coffee, pizza, shopping, bars and clubs at night. These are the most common stuff that Italians do. I would recommend Pizza AM, a very popular pizzeria. Definitely need a reservation otherwise you will be queuing for a long time. The waiters will also give you some appetisers or drinks while you wait. Another one would be STARITA. This is the Neapolitan pizza. Neapolitans are the one who originally the inventor of pizza. Attractions would include The Last Supper – Leonardo da Vinci, Duomo square – the main square in Milan, The Milan Cathedral, The La Scala – the most famous theatre and The Galleria. The must to do would be the Opera and football.

In Italy, we use the metro to go around the city. We have buses and tram. The main difference, in Italy, there is no UBER. But in Milan, we can use bike sharing or car sharing (similar to OFO Bikes). Taxis are expensive in Milan.

NUS Bizad Club
NUS Bizad Club

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