NUS Business Camp (NBC) 2018 took place from 5-9th June, and at this 5D3N camp, this is where it all begins. Freshmen from NUS Business and Accountancy came together for the first time to have a fun-filled few days of camp! As the kick-starter of Freshman Orientation Projects (FOPs), NBC is the most anticipated camp and leads the way with exciting activities. Each year, NBC brings together enthusiastic freshmen from all walks of life, uniting them under our famous Bizad Spirit. Throughout the 5 days and 3 nights, incoming freshmen will forge long-lasting friendships and learn what it means to be in NUS Business School.

Here’s a look at what went on during NBC 2018:

Beach day!

Of course, cheer fight which took a lot of practice to perfect that performance for some extra points.

Last but not the least, our winning OG Akela, who won themselves a staycation at Aranda! 

Thank you NBC Committee for the 9 months of blood,sweat and tears put into planning, and definitely a HUGE thank you to you freshies for being so participative; we look forward to you coming back as OGLs and Committee members next year 😉

Keep track of us on @bizad_1fop for our remaining FOPs!