Exam Welfare Pack

This semester’s Exam Welfare Packs  was filled to the brim with snacks to keep Bizaders energised as they prepare for their finals. In addition, facial care products and medicinal lozenges were included to keep Bizaders stay healthy during this stressful period. The packing of the exam welfare packs wasn’t easy for a team of 9, but with the help of other Bizad Club members, we were able to finish the packing within two days.


We established a pre-order system, which allowed students to reserve and collect their welfare packs at a chosen timing. This certainly helped us gauge the amount of people we were expecting at each time period..


The EWPs were met with enthusiasm from Bizaders, and demand certainly outnumbered the number of packs we had in stock! Special thanks to the sponsorship from EY by NUS Bizad Clubs’s Corporate Relations, we managed to secure a rolled Thai ice-cream booth to provide Bizaders with a sweet treat. We hope that the packs helped to support the Bizaders through the finals period. On behalf of NUS Bizad Club, we would like to congratulate all Bizaders for completing their finals!