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Who is eligible for the Student Exchange Programmes (SEP)/Summer Programmes/NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC). What are the differences between these programmes?  

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All undergraduate students are welcomed to apply for overseas programmes from their first year of study onwards. For Business School, there is a Global Immersion and Study (GIS) graduating requirement which requires you to complete any one of the following:


Student Exchange Programme:

  • Students would take one semester abroad with a partner university and clear modules at that university. For this option, the modules you take there will be considered Pass/Fail (S/U).


NUS Overseas College:

  • Either for one or two semesters, NOC offers you the chance to study abroad whilst working at a startup; In simple terms, your academic aspect will still be graded and counted towards your CAP, contrasting with SEP.


Summer/Winter Schools:

  • As the name suggests, you have the opportunity to take summer or winter classes at a partner university, clearing 1 to 2 modules in the process. These options are for those who still want to experience studying abroad, but perhaps not for the extended period of time as in SEP/NOC.


Bizad Club-initiated trips:

  • Usually, NUS Bizad Club would organize a couple of study/immersion trips to different countries each year. These trips are organized by the Academia Committee and International Relations Committee. Depending on the nature of the trip, these trips are usually deemed as eligible for the GIS requirement.

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