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How does the S/U system work?  

June Tan
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Basically, we are able to exercise the S/U option for a fixed number of modular credits. The S/U option allows the grade to only be reflected as ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’ on the transcript, instead of the actual letter grade. Meaning to say, the grade is then not counted towards the overall CAP, while the modular credits of the module are still valid. 


If you were from JC, you would be allowed to S/U up to 32MCs worth of modules, with 20 MCs given to you within your grade-free freshman year. The other 12MCs would be optional to you till you graduate, as long as they are subjected to the S/U criteria.


More details on the application of the Grade-free Scheme for BBA and BAC students can be found at .

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