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How are classes conducted in NUS Business School?  

June Tan
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There are generally 3 different types of classes: lecture-style, seminar-style and tutorial classes. Lectures and tutorial classes usually go together, with content being explained through mass lectures and more detailed discussions taking place in the form of tutorials, where students are grouped into small classes of around 20-30 students. 


Seminar-style classes, also known as sectionals, are also common for Business modules, where classes of around 50 students gather in a seminar room. Sectionals are similar to a combination of lectures and tutorials, where the Professor goes through content, and students learn and practise on-the-spot, through class activities and class participation. 


Generally, proactive learning is largely encouraged in classes, especially in sectionals and tutorials. Students are expected to come prepared to class, and actively participate in discussions so as to maximise the learning.

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