SEP Info + FAQ


Q: I’m applying for SEP for Year 3 Semester 1 and I need Bizad Club’s endorsement for my involvements in various leadership positions or events, where do I get it?

A: Please drop by Bizad Clubroom, Biz 2, #04-01 and pass your forms to any of the Management Committee members for safekeeping or locate the tray for SEP forms inside the clubroom. The Club President will endorse the forms latest by the end of the day. You will be able to collect your forms back the next day.

Q: What are the events that can be considered as “Participation in clubs/societies/halls, Caring for the Community, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Achievements, Attendance of BIZ School talks & Seminars”?

A: There are many different versions of what belongs to this section, and what doesn’t. The general guideline is: Just fill up and declare whatever you can. 

Q: Is there a standard format to fill up the form?

A: There is no fixed format. However, for the convenience of the staff member in-charge of assessing the forms in BBA Office, please use one form to list all the activities conducted under the same position. For example, if you are a “Volunteer” of Bizad Club, you should list all the events that you have participated as a volunteer. If you are a “Vice-Director of Welfare” of Bizad Club, you should list the events you have participated and conducted as a Vice-Director of Welfare.

Q: Do I approach the Director in-charge of the event to endorse my form?

A: All forms will only be endorsed by the Club President. 

Q: If I have any other queries about SEP, who may I contact?

A: All queries can be directed to either Miss. Jessie Toh ([email protected]) for official matters, or Shannon Tan ([email protected]) for club-related matters.