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    Interviews, Internships & Job Preparation

    Getting any of these is not a piece of cake. For some, it might even seem scary! Proper preparation is necessary to equip yourself for this!

    The key to obtaining that interview starts with a good cover letter and resume. So what makes your cover letter and resume the one which will stand out from the rest? 

    Fortunately, there are tons of external resources that can help you out! 
    These websites provide guidance and help that you will need to nailing your interview and getting another step closer to your dream internship/job! 


  • CV / Resumes & Interview Drilling


    Website that benchmarks your CV against other job applicants & give a mark. Students should aim for at least 85% & above in the CV scores that they receive from this website

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    Similar to Vmock, Jobscan marks the CV against the jop description and suggest improvements

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    With exclusive access for NUS students, should you need mock interview help, do consider utilising InterviewStream 360. A leading practice interview allowing job-seeking personnel to review themselves online. To access the platform, just log in with your NUS email account 

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  • Industry & Career Exposure

    10 Minutes With

    Website featuring short video-interviews with business leaders to help students understand what working in a particular function would be like & the skills required before launching specific career paths

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    Website that allow students to come in contact with qualified career professionals based on company, industry, or function. Access FREE webinars (only for NUS Biz Students using their NUS account) on a range of topics from cover letter writing, to specific career advice on your chosen industry. They also provide career consultations, mock interviews & resume critique

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    Website that provides comprehensive info on companies, schools & internships available for specific industries of your choice. You may sieve information on Vault based on different classifications such as rankings to search with the most customised details ever. Use Vault & find real truth to work life in your industry via ratings, reviews, career advice & the popular Vault guides

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