Our mission is to establish NUS Business School as an institution which consists of a vibrant, dynamic and close-knit community of Bizaders – past, present and future.


The 32nd Management Committee aims to represent the student population and uphold the school’s mission. We also aim to create vibrancy in NUS Business School, through projects organized by student leaders who are passionate, tenacious and determined hence, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for all.

Macey Soh Mei-Shi, President


The President, together with his Executive Committee, makes top-level decisions concerning the direction and future of the Club. She must be mandated by the student population, and cannot be co-opted into the Committee. She represents the Club in school-level meetings, official events, dialogues, forums and external functions. As the figurehead, she upholds the image of Business Club and NUS Business School wherever she goes.

The President also represents NUS Business School and the Club in NUS Students’ Union (NUSSU) as the Faculty Club President, and discusses school-level issues with other Faculty Presidents. By default, the President is also part of NUSSU Council. The President takes part in discussions and decision making processes in order to safeguard the interests of the Faculty as well as students of Business School.




Gwyn Soo Jing En, Vice-President (Internal)


The role of the Vice-President (Internal) is to lead the Internal Cell of Bizad Club by providing guidance and direction to the respective directors. She is responsible for the development of the cell, its execution of events and its routine operations.

The Vice-President (Internal) will support, represent and coordinate the Internal cell’s actions within the cell itself, with other cells (External, Student-Life), as well as with organisations within and without the Faculty. These include, but are not limited to, the BBA Office, OSA, OSHE, other faculty/non-faculty clubs and NUSSU.

The collective efforts of Internal Cell and its partners are aimed at furthering student interest and welfare through various initiatives ranging from sports, recreation, merchandising, giveaways, academic support, community engagement to feedback gathering, constitutional discussions and student representation at higher levels in the university. 


Yeow Ming Zheng Mark, Vice-President (External)

Contact: mark.yeow@u.nus.edu

The External Cell consists of six main committees – Corporate Partnerships, BizConnect, BizCare, International Relations, Bizad Charity Run and BIZ Accountancy Network (BAN). The Vice-President (External) sets the direction for the External Cell and is responsible for all operations and activities that occur within the cell and its committees. 

Within the club, the Vice-President (External) acts as a liaison for the External Cell and other cells (Internal and Student Life), coordinating communications and actions across the cells. He is a key point of contact for the club in interactions with external parties and stakeholders, such as other faculty clubs, NUSSU, corporate and non-corporate organizations and operating partners. 

The External Cell aims to secure sponsorships for Bizad Club events, connect students with alumni, empower proactivity in career development, engage international students, give back to the community with a run for all, and better meet the needs of accountancy students.


Sean Ng Yu Heng, Vice-President (Student Life)

Contact: sean.ng@u.nus.edu

The role of the Vice-President (Student Life) is to guide and set the direction for the Student Life Cell of the Bizad Club. He is responsible for the actions of his cell. 

The Vice-President (Student Life) supports, represents and integrates the 5 Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOPs) that are organized annually, namely, NUS Business Camp, RAG & Flag, O’ Week and Jam ’n’ Hop. This involves aligning each FOP to a common vision, and working together with internal and external organizations such as the BBA Office, OSA, OSHE, NUSSU, and external sponsors/vendors, to create a memorable FOP experience for incoming Freshmen.

The Vice-President (Student Life) is also in charge of Project XOXO, the flagship event of the Student Life Cell which involves the entire Student Life Cell. Project XOXO is a Valentine’s Day event aimed at creating student vibrancy within NUS Business School, and to serve as a platform for the Student Life Cell to work together to achieve a common goal.

As a Student Life Cell, along with his five other Project Directors, he aims to create a loving family out of the incoming Freshmen.



Huang Mengrou, General Secretary

Contact: mengrou.huang@u.nus.edu

From information management, booking of facilities, to supporting the individual activities, the General Secretary takes care of various administrative tasks to ensure the smooth running of Bizad Club. She is also involved with the implementation & coordination of the club’s procedures, and act as the liaison between our club and BBA Office.

On top of ensuring that the club's administrative matters are properly managed, the General Secretary is also in charge of taking care of the welfare of Bizad Club’s Management Committee members.


Clarice Tan, Financial Secretary

Contact: clarice.tan@u.nus.edu

The Financial Secretary manages the club’s budget and expenses within Bizad Club. She works closely with NUS OFS, OSA and BBA office to handle financial transactions and sets out the club’s internal measures of control. Together with the President, she is the final approving authority for making procurement at the student level, ensuring that any expense is made within the budget.

The Financial Secretary and her deputy work closely with the treasurers of the various committee to ensure that financial procedures are abided by to ensure smooth running of Bizad club activities.


Koh Wei Shan, Communications Secretary

Contact: weishan.koh@u.nus.edu

The Communications Secretary manages effective communication within the Bizad club, and externally to our stakeholders. She leads the direction for the ‘Bizad’ brand and is responsible for maintaining the perceived image of Bizad Club. Thus, she has to work with the rest of the Management Committee and establish the most appropriate direction for the brand and work his initiatives around it – mainly the publicity, publications and internal/external communications of Bizad Club.

The Communications Secretary is the final approving authority of what goes out in the social media. It is crucial for her to establish the 'Bizad' brand to ensure the public message of the club is consistent given her communication strategies.   


Vicki Lam, Director of Resources

Contact: vicki.lam@u.nus.edu

The Director of Resources manages the resources under Bizad Club’s ownership. She is the main point-of contact for the access and management of various locations such as the NUS Business Students’ Lounge, as known as ‘The Pulse’. She will ensure the fulfillments of resource management and student engagement, as well as to instill a vibrant and dynamic environment for the student body.

She will be spearheading multiple collaboration events alongside the Welfare Committee to ensure that the student body will be able to benefit in terms of both tangible and intangible welfare. The direction of resources will be steered towards the provision of welfare and inculcating a sense of belonging and identity to NUS Business School.


Jennie Lee Jiani, Director of Welfare

Contact: jennie.lee@u.nus.edu

The primary role of the Director of Welfare is to make sure that the NUS Business School student population gets proper welfare over the course of the school semester, through events such as Bizad to the Movies (BTTM), Chinese New Year (CNY), Exam Welfare Pack (EWP) and other miscellaneous giveaways.

She has an important role in ensuring the events meet the welfare needs of the general student body during a long and draining school semester. This role requires close collaboration with the Directors of Resources and Business Development, to tie in with the Internal Cell’s direction of a cohesive cell.


Phuah Ken Hao, Director of Business Development

Contact: kenhao.phuah@u.nus.edu

The Director of Business Development is responsible for maintaining the vibrancy in the life of Bizaders through interesting and engaging events such as bazaars and carnivals. 

Through selling Bizad merchandises, the Business Development director generates revenue for Bizad Club, supporting its various operations. He handles the branding of the Bizad logo onto merchandises, and plays a vital role in propagating a proper image of Bizad through its merchandises and events. 

He is also responsible for liaising with external vendors frequently, ensuring that the services they provide benefit Bizaders. 


Yong Jin Hao, Brandon, Director of Community Engagement

Contact: brandon.yong@u.nus.edu

The Director of Community Engagement is responsible for leading the newly inaugurated Community Engagement Committee in the planning and execution of regular community engagement activities for NUS Business students.

Through his committee’s efforts, he strives to cultivate the spirit of giving within the student community, build wholesome and long term relationships and most importantly, make volunteering as a way of life. He liaises with Bizad Club, Business School and external voluntary organisations to engage in regular volunteering activities that cater to the interest of the Bizad Community. In the long run, the committee plans to establish regular volunteering initiatives with the beneficiary as well as small social enterprises.


Randy Kam, Director of Academia

Contact: randy.kam@u.nus.edu

The Director of Academia is responsible for the sustainable academic welfare of the student body. His role includes allowing the freshmen to assimilate into the NUS Education system comfortably, handling all academic-related enquiries and supporting the NUS Business School office in organising talks (eg. SEP, NOC) for the student body. He is also in charge for the annual Bizad Abroad, among other initiatives.

On top of that, The Director of Academia also works hand-in-hand with the Communications Secretary to improve the Bizipedia platform by assembling academic-related information into infographics for easy perusal. These infographics pertain to matters such as CORS Bidding, information on core modules, SEP application procedures will all be available on the NUS Bizad Club Website.


Keith Goek Cher Wei, Director of Sports

Contact: keith.goek@u.nus.edu

The Director of Sports spearheads a committee tasked with organising sports-related events for the Bizad Community, such as Dean’s Cup and many more new initiatives. These events are platforms that inculcate togetherness through a fun and exhilarating manner, and ultimately foster a stronger Bizad spirit.

On top of this, he also plays an integral role in organising and facilitating the annual Inter-Faculty Games. He ensures that Business upkeeps its reputation and strives for excellence each year.


Gaw Ban Siang, Director of International Relations

Contact: bansiang.gaw@u.nus.edu

The Director of International Relations is responsible for leading the International Relations Committee in the planning and execution of events for our international students. The Committee's aim is to help build a stronger Bizad Community through the integration of international students and assimilating exchange students through various initiatives.

He envisions a Bizad Community that is not only more inclusive, but also cohesive, hence he works closely with the rest of the Management Committee by involving our international students in activities planned by Bizad Club. The International Relations team is also responsible for portraying and upholding a good image to the international community through the hosting of international delegates.


Chew Kai Ying, Claire, Director of Corporate Partnership

Contact: claire.chewky@u.nus.edu

The Director of Corporate Partnership facilitates the organisation of all Bizad Club events by ensuring that the respective Directors receive the necessary funds to execute them smoothly. She does so by sourcing for sponsorships from big establishments as well as small companies for cash and/product sponsorship.

She works behind-the-scenes on ad-hoc projects with her subcommittee, which includes a team of liaisons and five marketing heads of Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOPs). She works closely with her subcommittee to explore the different ways in which external stakeholders can involve themselves in the activities organised by the Bizad Club, such that a win-win situation is established.


Chin Ying Jie, Director of BizConnect

Contact: chin.yingjie@u.nus.edu

The BizConnect Director serves as the bridge between students and alumni. She heads a committee which is constantly involved in organizing and planning events that connect various Bizaders, past and present. 

The BizConnect Director works closely with the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) to cater to the needs of students and alumni alike.

For instance, together with GANO, the BizConnect committee will match students and alumni with similar interest through networking dinners that cover the four main specialization of Business School - Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and Human Resource. Through these, they aim to help students gain access to more opportunities and develop their professional skills.


Austin Kong Ling Jun, Director of BizCare

Contact: lingjun.kong@u.nus.edu

The Director of BizCare is in charge of a newly inaugurated Business Career Development Committee. BizCare's long term goal is to be the bridge between the student body, professional bodies, and the NUS Career Service Office (CSO). This is done to put students in a better position in the competitive working world and to help them discover their inner passion to decide and thoroughly plan for their professional lives.

The BizCare Director heads his committee in 3 main areas: organising events (be it internally-based or via a collaboration with professional bodies), managing the BizCare Website (a one-stop place for student’s career information needs) and to build strong relations with NUS CSO, as well as communicating feedback from the student body.



Tan Tze Kai, Nathaniel, Project Director of Bizad Charity Run

Contact: nathaniel.tan.tze@u.nus.edu

The Project Director of Bizad Charity Run oversees the smooth planning and execution of the annual charity run and he continually strives to make Bizad Charity Run an even bigger and more meaningful event for both beneficiaries and participants alike.

NUS Bizad Charity Run is the flagship charity event of NUS Business School whereby both students and alumni come together each year to organize this event, with the aim of raising funds for our beneficiaries and inspiring support for social causes.


Avinash Anand, Director of BAN

Contact: avinash.anand@u.nus.edu

Biz Accountancy Network (BAN) is a new initiative spearheaded by a group of passionate Accountancy students in the Bizad family. BAN provides a platform for NUS Accountancy students to connect with one another, alumni, professional organizations, and potential employers. It also provides opportunities for students to hone their accounting knowledge and skills, as well as gain exposure via study sessions and networking events.

The Director of BAN represents the interests of the accountancy student body in NUS. He is responsible for spearheading BAN’s initiatives, and in charge of understanding and catering to the needs of students. He hopes to empower students with relevant knowledge to make wise career decisions.



Kendrick Neo Jia Hao, NBC Project Director

Contact: kendrick.neo@u.nus.edu

NUS Business Camp (NBC) is the first of 5 Freshman Orientation Projects (FOP) in NUS Business School. Comprising a total of about 340 participants including both seniors and freshmen, NBC aims to introduce to the incoming freshmen the Bizad spirit and pride. The NBC Project Director overlooks the execution of the camp, from the selection of the committee members to the planning of the camp activities and the conduct of the camp itself. He is also responsible for the safety and wellbeing of all participants throughout the duration of the camp.


Lee Huiying, RAG Project Director

Contact: huiying.lee@u.nus.edu

The RAG Project Director manages and executes the annual tradition of Business RAG (or B’RAG as remembered fondly by Bizaders), a tradition steeped in pride and excellence amongst Bizaders. Along with the Student Life Cell, she plans for a meaningful Freshmen Orientation experience for incoming Freshmen, to ensure they assimilate themselves into NUS Business School and view the School as their home. Her role involves coordinating the performance and experience, creating with her committee a vibrant stage where creativity and teamwork breathes life into the summer holidays.




Adrielle Chua, O'Week Project Director

Contact: adrielle.chua@u.nus.edu

The O’Week Project Director is in charge of planning and executing the Business Orientation Camp each year. The camp aims to orientate incoming freshmen to NUS Business School, and is an opportunity for them to get to know their peers better. At the same time, the freshmen are inducted to the academic aspects of student life, preparing them amply for the journey they are about to embark on.

She sets the direction and vision for his committee, and ensures that these goals are met. The camp is part of a series of Business Freshmen Orientation Projects, under the Student Life Cell, targeted at giving freshmen the full orientation experience, making them feel at home in Business School.




Chan Jun Wei Ryan, Flag Project Director

Contact: junwei.chan@u.nus.edu

The Flag Project Director is in charge of the planning and execution of the NUSSU Rag and Flag Day as well as various community engagement activities within the Business School. He liaises with the NUSSU Rag and Flag Committee, Bizad Club and Business School regarding Flag Day and liaises with external voluntary organizations for other Flag events.

He is involved in engaging the Business School students in community engagement activities and providing opportunities for Bizaders to contribute to the community. Through his efforts, she strives to cultivate and promote a culture of giving in the Bizad community.


PeiQi Yang, Jam'N'Hop Project Director

Contact: peiqi.yang@u.nus.edu

The Jam‘N’Hop Project Director and her team heads the annual NUS business pageant. Since she coordinates performances for the pageant, she is the driving force behind the creativity of every year’s Jam‘N’Hop show, key focus being that the pageant ought to embody the Bizad spirit. It is also her responsibility to ensure that the contestants’ welfare is looked after and that the show is close to perfection.

Her goal is to create an inclusive family both amongst participants, as well as within the larger Bizad community. Since Jam‘N’Hop is the curtain closer for the various FOPs, she should portray Jam‘N’Hop as an event for all freshies of Bizad. After all, if there is no audience, there will be no show.